Don’t Be an Underdog

If you are undereducated, you will also be an underdog. 

Without a GED / HiSET / TASC credential or high school diploma (HSD), your chance of going to college is zero. Your chance of getting into a vocational program will be zero. Your chance for employment that pays a livable wage will be slim to none. Your eligibility for the military will be zero.

So what should you do to ensure that you do not become an underdog? You should complete your GED / HiSET / TASC credential or high school diploma. 

Without post-secondary education (i.e., college or vocational training), you will be less likely to get a good job paying good money. Remember, jobs that pay well need people with technical and critical thinking skills. And you build these skills through education or years of experience. The name of the game is competition. Let’s say there’s a job for which you want to compete. You have a GED / HiSET / TASC credential or HSD. You also have the same level of experience as someone with more education than you. Who will look better on paper? Answer: Not you.

So what should you do to ensure that you do not become an underdog? After you complete your GED / HiSET / TASC credential or HSD:

  • You should attend college or a vocational skills program. College readiness is essential for your motivation to do well in and finish college. To start, you will need to ace your college entrance exams. When you do this, right away you can qualify for courses that count toward your degree. Prepare with College Essentials to bypass basic education courses.  
  • You will need computer skills to succeed in college and vocational training programs. You will need them for work too. Enroll today to earn a certificate in Computer Essentials.  
  • You will want to show current or future employers that you value professional development.  Start earning your certificate in Work Essentials today.

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