Test Taking Tactics to Help You Pass

In our How to Study Well Tip you learned how to study better. Now, let’s look at how to test better. The two go hand in hand toward helping you get those better results on tests. Remember, though, that even if you give studying and test-taking your best effort, you may not get the results you want all the time. What you will get every time, though, is practice—that is the more you exercise good study habits and test-taking tactics, the more skilled you will become at both. Now, enough pep talk; let’s get ready to take that test!

  • Take care of you—get enough sleep, food, and drink before the test.
  • The night before the test, pack everything you’re required/allowed to have for the test—e.g., ID, pens/pencils, note cards, calculators, etc.
  • Trust that you have studied everything you needed to study, and do not try to absorb new content on the day of the test.  
  • Think and speak positively about your preparation and chances for success.
  • Don’t arrive late for the test.
  • Sit near the instructor so you can get his/her attention right away if you need help during the test.
  • Read test questions carefully, and work quickly to complete items that are easy for you.
  • Quickly identify questions for which you will need more time, and mark them to remind you to come back later to finish.
  • Read multiple choice answers before reading questions. This will clue you in on what you’re looking for.
  • Review all your answers before turning in your test.

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