Who’s your Cheerleader?

Do you have a support system? A friend, family member, or co-dreamer who cheers you along in your pursuit of your goals and life-change? If not, building your “team” could be the missing key to your success.

As a child I struggled with my weight. From 10 to 16 years of age (and off and on since then) I had a really hard time maintaining a healthy weight. Pair that with some super unfortunate fashion choices and I should have been a prime candidate for snide comments and self-esteem destroying peer critique.

Truth be be told, if it happened, it happened outside of my hearing or was just simply drowned out by the praise of my biggest cheerleader. At 6 feet, 4 inches, my gray haired champion would have looked pretty funny in a skirt, waving pom-poms. But my sweet Grandfather didn’t need the traditional cheer swag to build me up on the daily. I simply cannot recall a time I entered a room where I wasn’t greeted with, “Well, if it isn’t the most beautiful girl in the world?”

I saw myself through his eyes and was constantly built up by his words. No criticism or doubt could have broken that great love and support.

As you sacrifice and push yourself to pursue your dreams, building a team of supporters is essential in getting your through the tough days. Set backs, crazy life circumstances, and disappointments will come. The support of your friends and family could be the fuel you need to power through.

In our recent coaching session on how to get and stay motivated, we discussed this very important tool. We also highlighted the value of online community.

That is what we hope to build here on the eBoard. Have you subscribed to our eBoard Community? If not, click the button below.

We want to hear from you! Drop a note in the comments. What or who encourages you? What keeps you going on your most difficult days? Shout it out…WHO is your cheerleader?


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