Make a Trade

Recipes often call for a specific set of ingredients, sized accordingly, to get just the right balance of flavor and nutrition. But when our taste or nutritional needs change, we often need make a trade…olive oil for butter, almond flour in the place of all-purpose or egg whites instead of eggs. Substituting old standbys for options that better suit our needs, allow us to continue to fuel our bodies in different, sometimes more efficient ways. Building healthy habits in our daily lives require similar trades.

Let me give you an example. My husband used to be a diet soda fanatic. I say “used to be,” because the caffeine and manufactured sugars had him well on his way to an early heart attack. He knew he needed to break the habit that was negatively effecting his health. But how? He was so accustomed to his multiple-soda-a-day obsession, that change seemed impossible. In his case, he needed to make a trade.

What did he most enjoy about the beverage? Hydration, sure. But he also loved the cold bubbles! So, we looked into other options that would allow him a similar type of refreshment. It took some trial and error, but now he is a MUCH healthier, flavored-sparkling-water drinking champ! He traded a negative habit, with a positive alternative. He switched one recipe ingredient for another alternative.

So what about you and your HSE goals? What trades do you need to make in your study and preparation to become a more productive adult learner? Consider these possibilities:

Are you constantly falling asleep in your studies at the end of a long day? You may need to shift to am study and use your end of the day rest as reward or incentive.

Is the opposite true? Do you hit snooze too often on scheduled study mornings? Perhaps you should shift to afternoon or evening lesson review.

Are you distracted by the TV, but need “background noise” during study? Trade for music or a space with outdoor or street noise.

TOO comfortable in your study space? Consider choosing a different location or more structured study environment.

Do a self-evaluation. What are your trouble spots? Can you spot any negative habits that are stalling your progress? Add your study habit dilemma to the comments below and we’ll see if we can help you make a trade!

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