Marathon Training

In a former chapter of life, I managed marathon runners. I’d set them up with a trainer and motivational resources. I’d even coordinate their travel. When the big day came, I’d accompany “my runners” to the starting line, check on them throughout, and pick them up at the finish.

As my life took shape and I fell in love with all things education and teaching, I can now look back on those days and find amazingly similar comparisons between my runners and my students.

The more races you manage, the easier it is to spot the tell-tale trouble-spots that can hinder a runner’s performance. Similarly, the more students you support in pursuing their goals, the more apt you become at spotting dangerous pitfalls to learning and educational success. The common factors between marathon runners and those pursuing their HSE Credential are staggering. It’s almost comical how similar they are. Let’s discuss some common trouble spots shared by runners and students pushing to the finish line.

Starting hard and fast. – Too often, runners who are gung-ho out of the gate lack the stamina to finish the race well. Taking on too much too quickly causes burn out. The same is true with study and learning. Sure, a good kick-in-the-pants can get you going, but pacing yourself and setting small, realistic goals until you find your groove is vital to having the perseverance for the long haul.

Not planning for set-backs. – Runners who live in denial that parts of the race will be a challenge, only hurt themselves. Having a solid plan in place for continued hydration and dips in blood sugar can be a make or break tool. Test-preppers need the same planning tools in place. What will you do when things get hard? How will you give yourself an extra boost of encouragement? Where will you find the strength to continue? The answer to those questions is essential to readying yourself for the tough stuff.

Trying to go it alone. – Sure it’s possible to train, prepare for, and run a marathon on your own. It’s possible to study, prep, and pass the HSE exams on your own. But is the solo approach your most enjoyable, motivating, or productive option? Connection is out there and reminds you that you don’t have to do this all by yourself. Runners and students alike struggle when they don’t have a support team in place.

And the biggest common factor between marathon runners and HSE testers? You’ll have to wait and see! To be continued in an upcoming post, Run with Your Eye on Your Why.

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