Sort it Out with PNR

From the youngest of ages, our brains are taking in and sorting information. The way we group, organize, and “make sense of it all,” varies from person to person. We all process new information differently.

Somewhere along the line (whether we know it or not) we develop a series of organizational techniques that become our “go to” information sorters. The trick is, knowing how to apply those go-tos to our study and learning.

No matter our school experience, I’m pretty sure all of us has heard the following statement (threat) from a teacher:”Write this down. It will be on the test!” Problem is, not many of us were actually taught how we best needed to organize and record the things we wrote down in a way that worked best for our personal needs.

“Taking notes” is a process that can be done in a number of ways. Finding the way that works best for you and your learning style is essential.

Our Live Coaching Sessions discuss a number of different note taking strategies. One is the PNR method.

This method is especially helpful with approaching a reading passage. By previewing the text and directions, and writing down what we need to know, our brains are placed on high-alert to find the required information.

By noting answers to those questions, listing key information and using the 5 W’s and and H approach, we further solidify what we are learning.

Lastly, when we organize and restate some of the earlier info., we arm ourselves with tools for recall and review. In this sense our notes stand as a study tool in and of themselves. We can quiz ourselves at a later time or have a fiend or family member help as well.

This is just one of the MANY recording methods out there. Continue to follow our eBoard as we introduce others in future posts.

Happy studying!

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