Take a Look in the Mirror

Looking to make a change or begin developing some healthy habits? Grab a mirror! Establishing a new routine begins with a self-evaluation. Not sure where to begin? We’ve put together a list of things to consider.

How do you start your day? – The way you begin your day starts a ripple effect. If you feel like you are always running late or have had one too many stressful mornings, it’s time to reconsider what changes you can make to your am routine. It’s highly likely that if you start in a panic, your day never really recovers. Take a long look at your morning.

What are your “go-tos”? – Ask yourself, “What is my first response to _____________, ” and then allow for multiple fill-ins. For example, What is your first response to stress? What is your first response to criticism? What’s your first response to unexpected changes in your schedule? etc. The answers to these questions highlight your go-tos. They show you the routines and patterns you already have in place.

Evaluate. – Can you spot the positive?…the negative? What are your best patterns? What’s something you’d like to change? Taking a tough, honest look at the good, the bad, and the ugly is not only a good idea, it is essential to change.! You can’t shoot for “better” if you don’t know where you stand.

Something to think about.

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