The Power of a Positive Attitude

Attitude is the foundation of all learning and life-change. Period. It goes beyond just being a pessimist or an optimist, seeing the glass half-empty or half-full.  Our attitude impacts our overall self-talk and our efforts in ALL aspects of work and life.

So what can having a positive attitude do for you?

Make you brave. – A positive attitude can fuel the confidence to take the risks required for growth. You must take those first scary steps (and keep taking them) to see real life change.

Help you take on challenges. – Every obstacle is an opportunity to learn and grow. Seeing it through that positive lens changes your perspective on mistakes and mis-steps. Never waste pain. Give it purpose!

Push you to try something new. – If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same result. Positivity fuels your desire to shoot for a different, better result…meaning you may need to try a different approach to study, work, and life to move forward.

Position your effort as investment. – Those with a positive outlook see their time, money and struggle as an investment in the future. When you view all you do as “worth it” your confidence and perseverance increases.

Make feedback your friend. – Learning to embrace feedback is not only helpful in learning and study, but a huge sign of maturity and professionalism on the job and in life. We all need correction and revision if we hope to better ourselves. Try seeing times of failure or discipline as a chance to change and increase your knowledge and skills.

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