Bodies Speak Volumes

As job-seekers begin their search, one crucial step is to prepare for interviews with a potential employer. Many often wonder what they will say or how they will verbally respond to possible questions or hypothetical situations. This is a valuable exercise. But few stop to consider the importance of their body language in an interview situation. 

Excitement, nerves, fear, doubt, and curiosity are normal human responses to stressful or unknown situations. Even in silence, people communicate a range of emotions without saying a word. The following are key considerations to make when fully prepping for what is said in a job interview.

Body Language Management 

Manage your manners. Learn the value of a smile, firm handshake (or equivalent greeting post-pandemic), and solid eye-contact. Verbally expressing interest in the position is important. But showing interest with a positive attitude and active listening will make you a stand-out candidate.

Manage distractions. Silence any electronics. This includes cell phones, tablets, and smartwatches. Any instinctual glace away from the eyes of the interviewer could convey disinterest. Never bring coffee or snacks into an interview. This seems obvious, but it happens! In short, don’t bring anything into the conversation other than you and your sparkling personality.

Manage mannerisms. We all have physical responses to nerves or excitement. Nail-biting, fidgeting, playing with hair, or adjusting clothes, are just a few of the traps in which anxious job seekers can get caught. Pay attention to your go-tos and practice avoiding them. Try a mock interview with friends or family. This trial run will put you at ease and help you to better calm your nervous habits.

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