Creating a New Normal

The phrase “new normal” has officially taken root in our cultural vocabulary. The worldwide pandemic has demanded life, work, and social changes none of us could have ever imagined. Our daily schedules and routines have been turned upside down and altered our habits and responsibilities. As with any unexpected change, we can choose to view our circumstances as obstacles to overcome or opportunities for growth.

Reflect and Revise

Self-reflection is always helpful in these situations. Consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • What new routines or habits have you developed during this time that have lead to a positive change? This could include, adding in more home-study time, more readily avoiding outside distractions, or re-shifting your priorities.
  • What new “go-tos” have not been a positive addition? Are you snacking, drinking or sleeping more? Are you zoning out or binging the latest tv show vs. studying and preparing for your exams?
  • What are your action items? After reflecting a bit, which are new patterns do you want to keep? What needs to be kicked to the curb?

The “new normal” each of us is creating holds tremendous opportunity for positive change. A personal evaluation can help in deciding which of those changes helps or hinders our goals. It’s YOUR new normal. Make it a good one!

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