Practice Makes Prepared

Once a student commits to take on the GED, HiSET or TASC, study comes with the territory. Motivated students quickly jump into subject lessons, reading passages, and review materials. There is one tool however, that often gets overlooked: practice tests! 

Why Take Practice Tests

Test-readiness. Preparation for the high school equivalency (HSE) exams should not be based on the simple completion of lessons, but the overall test-readiness of the student. The only way to gauge this level of preparation is by taking regular practice exams. Sometimes students shy away from this tool because they are afraid to make mistakes. But this type of feedback is essential to address areas of strength and weakness. It’s impossible to know how to spend valuable preparation and study time without this tool.

Increased confidence. The antidote to test anxiety is preparation. It’s important to not only know what to expect when it comes to content, but the format, administration, and test procedures as well. Knowing what to expect on test-day will give you the confidence to test with your head held high, with little or no surprises.

Time management. The only way to better manage time is to practice managing time. Timed practice tests can help students discover how they spend their time. Are they spending too much time organizing their thoughts? Are they spending enough time reading directions and passages? The feedback and self-reflection after taking a practice test, can give students valuable insights to better their efforts moving forward.

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