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Online education is most fulfilling when you have the support and encouragement from a community! That’s why we offer a variety of opportunities for you to connect with adult learners just like you.

Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and our ‘eBoard’ blog to extend your studying and become part of a community of Essential Education learners. Some of the perks you’ll see are: 

Tips for study and test-taking

Links to more information and free resources

Interaction with other Essential Education students

Support and motivation

Another great way to interact with other adult learners is in our free live coaching sessions. There are multiple options each week to log on, learn, and grow together. Our student success coach works to not only educate and inform, but engage students with interactive sample problems and a live Q&A.

Explore one or more of our options below:



eBoard Blog

Live Coaching Sessions

Or, if you’d prefer to go it alone… Sign up to join our mailing list—we send out additional study materials and resources regularly.

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