Are You Ready?

Students often ask, “How will I know when I’m ready to take the official test for my high school equivalency credential?” The answer is in finding a test prep program that measures readiness over completion.

Working through all suggested lessons and completing all review sections is important. But taking regular, timed practice tests is essential to know when you are truly ready to take on the official exam.

Test Readiness

Essential Education students benefit from homeroom tools that measure readiness, not completion. The progress session of the digital dashboard displays individual student progress over time and provides a suggested amount of additional hours needed to reach a constantly passing range.

Students can choose whether they want to test subject by subject at various dates or schedule one day of full subject testing. If testing one subject at a time, students need only pay attention to the readiness indicator in their area of focus before scheduling their subject exam. Students taking all subjects at once should continue studying until they are ready in all subject areas before scheduling their tests. 

Both are valid testing strategies. The key to each is readiness. Build confidence and a proven track record of success before sacrificing time and test fees. Your mind and wallet will thank you!

Essential Education wants to help you get test-ready! Our preparation programs and live coaching sessions could be your keys to success. Check them out!

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