The Zoom Boom

In response to the changing needs of 2020, the use of Zoom and other online communication platforms has skyrocketed. As we attempt to navigate new ways to exchange information, there will be trial and error. What have we learned so far? Here’s a quick list of considerations to make if you are studying, interviewing, or conversing online.

Social Sharing Etiquette

  • When attending a meeting or webinar, mute your mic until you are asked to speak or respond. This eliminates background noise and unwelcome distractions.
  • When speaking or presenting, avoid shuffling papers or supplies. Any extra noises will detract from what you have to say.
  • Position your camera to create good eye contact.
  • Turn off digital notifications on devices and smartwatches. Mute your phone.
  • Avoid multitasking. Meetings and presentations are not the time to return emails or work on personal projects.
  • Prepare any needed materials in advance. If you are speaking or sharing your ideas, prepare needed notes, files, and images beforehand.
  • Follow the leader. Listen to and respect any requests from the presenter. This can include the use of the chat function, raising hands, posting links, etc.

As with anything new, changes to how we communicate evolve over time. Be observant and make a note of best practices along the way. New doesn’t have to be bad or scary. It’s just different and may create new, unexpected opportunities for growth and learning.

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