You Were Made to Connect!

People were designed to be in relationship. While some of us fall further one way or another on the introvert to extrovert scale, humans were made to connect. In our current times, that connection has been strained. Now more than ever we need creative ways to learn, grow, and even laugh a little together.

Essential Education has made a commitment to keep adult learners connected. We know the isolation online learners can often feel. In response, we’ve created several platforms designed to bridge that gap.

Instagram – Follow us at @essential_education_official, for a motivation boost or links to valuable resources. Content is updated regularly and crafted to make you smile!

Facebook – Rather log on to Facebook for your social media content? We’ve got you covered! Like, follow, and share!

Live Coaching Sessions – Yes, our Coaching Sessions are meant to teach and give you practical advice. But they are also meant to remind you that you are not alone in your studies. Live connect with other students just like you during weekly offerings, featuring a variety of helpful topics.

People were made to connect. Reach out today!

Our Student Success Team is here for you too!

1-800-460-8150 or

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