The Zoom Boom

In response to the changing needs of 2020, the use of Zoom and other online communication platforms has skyrocketed. As we attempt to navigate new ways to exchange information, there will be trial and error. What have we learned so far? Here’s a quick list of considerations to make if you are studying, interviewing, or conversing online.

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Bodies Speak Volumes

As job-seekers begin their search, one crucial step is to prepare for interviews with a potential employer. Many often wonder what they will say or how they will verbally respond to possible questions or hypothetical situations. This is a valuable exercise. But few stop to consider the importance of their body language in an interview situation. 

Excitement, nerves, fear, doubt, and curiosity are normal human responses to stressful or unknown situations. Even in silence, people communicate a range of emotions without saying a word. The following are key considerations to make when fully prepping for what is said in a job interview.

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Presenting Your Best Self

The phrase, “presenting your best self,” is tricky, because for some it makes them feel as if they are being asked to be “fake” or pretend to be something they are not. This is not the case! Showing someone your “best self” is nothing more than highlighting what makes you special and demonstrating the unique skills you have to offer. This is essential in interviewing for a new job and making a good first impression.

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In my mid-20’s I have a vivid memory of the jar of coins my husband and I kept on the mantel. It was our weekly collection of loose change that we’d pour out on our tiny second-hand coffee table on Friday afternoon to see if we had enough extra cash for Friday night pizza. We were young, in love, and broke as a joke! Looking back, we could say, “Oh we were just starting out.” But the truth is, we were clueless about managing our money!

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“Computer Skills Required.”

If your mental image of a computer is outdated, most likely your skills are too! Don’t fret. All you need is a tune up…and here’s why: Computer skills are not only in demand, they are required for most good paying, rewarding jobs.

In Essential Education‘s recent article, Why Computer Skills are Key for Jobs, the author notes, “according to a study by Burning Glass Technologies, almost 8 out of 10 middle-skill jobs require computer skills like using spreadsheets and word processors. Without computer skills, your job choices are much more limited.”

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Ask me a Question

Did you ever play “school,” as a kid? Someone, usually the bossy older sibling, was the teacher and the other unfortunate souls were the unsuspecting students. You made a mock classroom, assigned seats, and the pretend teaching began. What about playing “house”? Every kid took on assigned roles from parent to family dog and imagined life as a family. Many of us enjoyed these pretend scenarios and spent many an afternoon in a world of imagination. One game I bet you never played? Job interview!

No one likes to think about interviewing for a job. The pressure, the stakes, the competition…the questions!! But one thing’s for sure. Just like those pretend games of school and house helped you to prep for the education and family responsibilities of the future. Prepping for a job interview can take the fear out of even this most dreaded exercise.

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Doors to the Future

We all have dreams, aspirations, and the basic desire for life-purpose. Furthering your education opens up a world of opportunities. Even if the door to your dream seems closed for now, that won’t always be the case. Once you’ve armed yourself with the skills and credentials needed to move forward, then what?

At Essential Education, your success is our goal. That means equipping you with a plan for next steps. The Dream Catcher course is offered with all of our subscriptions for this very reason.

If you have yet to check out this valuable resource, take a break from study or job prep to explore this engaging and thought-provoking content.

What’s your purpose? What mark will you make? What doors to the future are yours to open?