Sharing Joy!

A weird trend has developed and boomed with the invention of social media and our ability to share thoughts on the daily. The concept of “national days” is everywhere. Anything from National Donut Day to National Talk Like a Pirate Day, there’s something for everyone. But today’s “national day” struck me as something of which we can all use an extra dose. March 20th is the National Day of Happiness.

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Persistence Meets Progress

I saw a post on social this summer. It was one photo and a few simple sentences. The photo showed a collection of work ID badges for “Faye Lewis.” The first was marked by a KFC logo and the first name, “Faye.” The second again showed the KFC logo, but carried the moniker, “ “Faye Lewis, Manager.” The next badge indicated that Faye went on to become the “Manager of Housekeeping” at a residential care facility. Still additional badges indicated Faye’s move into the medical field. First as a nursing assistant, then LPN and finally RN, complete with a bright smiling photo of Faye Lewis in the corner. The post included the encouragement, “Not all goals are accomplished overnight. Success can take time. Take your time.”

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The Power of YET

I spoke to a student recently who shared a really powerful story.  She explained that she’d been working toward her high school equivalency credential for a while now, but remained determined to finish, claiming that 2020 was her year.

She went on to share that when she first began studying, she struggled with reading…that she had always struggled with reading. But she received a special gift from her husband that encouraged her. He gave her a bookshelf.  Puzzled, she questioned why he would have purchased a bookshelf for her when he knows she’s “not a great reader.” He replied by saying, “Yet. You’re not a great reader yet.”

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One little bit at a time…

My grandpa and I used to eat clementines on the back porch every day. He showed my sister and I how to get the little orange balls of juicy goodness started with our thumbnail and peel the strips around in a curly swirl. 

My sister always got impatient. Just as soon as the peel was off, she dove in face first and took a big bite. Grandpa would laugh as the juice squirted everywhere and reminded her she was, “Doing it wrong!” as she ran off to play. 

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