Get your READ on!

Sure, it makes sense that strengthening your reading skills will help with the Reading and Writing sections of your HSE exam, but did you know that reading is the basis for the Social Studies and Science sections as well?

The GED, HiSET, and TASC test makers do not expect you to roll in with tons of facts and figures. They don’t expect you to bank info. on World Wars or memorize the Periodic Table. What they DO want you to show is your ability to read and think critically.

If you are struggling with where to begin your prep, reading is always a great place to start because it supports ALL areas of study. Know that every minute you devote to becoming a strong reader is an investment in obvious AND not so obvious ways.

TIP: Don’t forget that your ability to read and understand test directions is just as important as reading through and understanding the question passages. In our recent coaching session, Test Smart, we discussed this specific skill. It’s an important one, so if you missed the session, just click the link above.

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Beyond the “now” to the “know”

“I have ALWAYS struggled in school. I just don’t think I can do this.”

“I work nights. I can’t attend regular education classes.”

“I’m 65 years old. Do I even have a chance?”

“I just need help!”

Real quotes from real students. Sound familiar? These feelings and thoughts sound common and hit home because they remind us we are not alone. Everyone has to start somewhere and everyone has their own hang-ups and struggles. But when it comes to your high school equivalency, the truth is it’s not as hard as you think. 

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How to Study to Reduce Test Anxiety

Few people enjoy taking tests, and the very idea actually terrifies some. Unfortunately, test taking is a part of life with which everyone has to deal. No matter how you feel about test taking, just remember that preparation is the key.  When you study well, you set yourself up for a better test-taking experience and better results. Follow these recommendations to study more thoroughly for your next test.

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Test Taking Tactics to Help You Pass

In our How to Study Well Tip you learned how to study better. Now, let’s look at how to test better. The two go hand in hand toward helping you get those better results on tests. Remember, though, that even if you give studying and test-taking your best effort, you may not get the results you want all the time. What you will get every time, though, is practice—that is the more you exercise good study habits and test-taking tactics, the more skilled you will become at both. Now, enough pep talk; let’s get ready to take that test!

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