Math Mindset

Reading is always most effective when you read with purpose. Approaching a text with a certain mindset, or what you tell yourself to expect when you read, will put your brain on high-alert. When you know what you seek, it will be easier to find!

Attacking math-based texts with a math mindset is vital to critically thinking and working through problems. In large part, this means getting familiar with mathematical sub-sections, terms, and concepts. Here are a few you will need to know for your GED, HiSET or TASC exams.

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Workbooks Work!

Are you looking for a great way to enhance your study efforts? Consider adding one of our Essential Skills workbooks to your current routine.

These resources are jam-packed with further instruction, additional practice problems, and countless skill-boosting tools. As a bonus, if you are a subscribed Essential Education student, the workbooks are fully aligned to your personal lessons and learning plans. Just follow the notations in your Homeroom for additional workbook practice.

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Meet Your Coach

Get to know Jen Denton: your resident student success coach at Essential Education! 

Jen has helped students in their educational efforts for over 20 years. After obtaining her Master’s in Multicultural Education from National University in San Diego, Jen began her teaching career in Indio, CA. Here she had the unique opportunity to serve a diverse group of elementary-aged students during the day, and teach English as a second language to many of their parents and neighbors in the evenings.  

Jen moved to the East Coast in 2005, where she continued her work as a classroom teacher, family advisor, and school administrator. She has had the pleasure of partnering with students from 4 to 74 years of age, coast to coast! Jen continues that service with Essential Education, as she provides hard-working students (like you) with the skills and resources they need to succeed in study, work, and life.

Connect with Jen and Essential Education’s growing community of students in an upcoming live coaching session soon. Sign up today!

Get Calendar Smart

We’ve discussed the importance of creating a study schedule for success a great deal on eBoard. From setting priorities to establishing a routine review, we’ve highlighted the need to plan to succeed by properly planning time.

How do we bring all of this together? What does that look like in practice? After you have completed your self-evaluation, it’s time to get calendar smart! Here are some quick tips for planning a study schedule for success.

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Bodies Speak Volumes

As job-seekers begin their search, one crucial step is to prepare for interviews with a potential employer. Many often wonder what they will say or how they will verbally respond to possible questions or hypothetical situations. This is a valuable exercise. But few stop to consider the importance of their body language in an interview situation. 

Excitement, nerves, fear, doubt, and curiosity are normal human responses to stressful or unknown situations. Even in silence, people communicate a range of emotions without saying a word. The following are key considerations to make when fully prepping for what is said in a job interview.

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Hard Work Pays Off

When it comes to work ethic, you may have heard the phrase, “get your hands dirty.” In short, it means putting your best effort forward despite any temporary pain or discomfort it might cause. 

Are you willing to work hard to get the job done?

This type of diligent work ethic is required when it comes to studying for and passing your high school equivalency exam, but it’s also an in-demand job skill. Employers want employees who will work with perseverance in their daily responsibilities. Hard workers stand out among other candidates and are highly valued for the effort they are willing to put into their duties.

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Live Coaching Success!

“I love the live coaching sessions! I’ve gotten so much from them. I would study later that day and put something I’d learned to use right away!”

– L.B., HiSET Academy Student

When the idea of live coaching first came up, THIS was the driving force: Essential Education’s desire to equip students with the practical tools they need to succeed. Hearing that this effort is accomplishing that goal is the highest praise!

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Presenting Your Best Self

The phrase, “presenting your best self,” is tricky, because for some it makes them feel as if they are being asked to be “fake” or pretend to be something they are not. This is not the case! Showing someone your “best self” is nothing more than highlighting what makes you special and demonstrating the unique skills you have to offer. This is essential in interviewing for a new job and making a good first impression.

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