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Skills for a Better Paying Job

Did you know people with computer skills get paid, on average, 18% more? Computer Essentials contains over 110 lessons on computer basics, digital communication, word processing systems, finding information online, privacy and security, social media and even mobile devices! These key skills are what employers are looking for. This course will help you develop the core skills you need in today's job market to succeed.

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Receive a Customized Study Plan

Having a study plan tailored to what YOU need to know guarantees you’ll learn the information quickly! After an assessment, you’ll receive a custom study plan that provides lessons and quizzes necessary for what you need to learn and removes what you’ve already mastered. You’ll be ready to get ahead and make more money in no time at all! Little to no skills? That’s OK! You can start with the very basics and build skills quickly.

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Earn Badges and Certificates

Being able to demonstrate computer skills to your employer is crucial. As you go through your Computer Essentials course, you’ll receive digital badges and printable certificates showing your employer the exact skills you have mastered, proving that you have trained and learned the skills needed to perform the job.

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9 Courses to Change Your Life

In addition to Computer Essentials, you’ll receive courses to prepare you for a better job, financial management, entry into college and technical programs, and even critical thinking and problem-solving skills—all for just $23.99 a month.

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Most Careers Require Computer Skills

So don't get left behind because you don't have the skill requirements.