Faster Learning

What makes a student learn faster? One aspect is engagement. Once your students are engaged, they’re absorbing material, not letting it slide over them. The Essential Education program is designed for engagement with virtual students your class can relate to, and with real-life, practical application of material. A second aspect is targeted learning and pacing. Students learn at their own pace with lessons tailored for them, and that equates to faster learning.

Faster learning
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Essential Skills

Essential skills

At Essential Education, the focus is on acquiring skills for success on the GED, in the workplace, for continuing education, and for life. These essential adult literacy and numeracy skills are fundamental reading and writing, basic math, and the clear thinking skills that are core to analysis and decision-making. Supplemental supporting skills include goal-making and learning skills that help students improve their ability to learn, self-motivate, and guide their own paths to success.

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Lower Costs

The promise of technology is efficiency; it lets you do more with the resources you have. A teacher can only be at one desk at a time, and teaching a whole class in lock-step is frustrating and inefficient for everyone. At a low cost, our online instruction allows individual students to study independently with an effective, personal, virtual aide, freeing up a teacher to provide personal time with students, focusing attention where it’s needed. The result is that one teacher, with effective technology, can teach more students better.

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BBB Accredited Business

Accredited by the BBB

The Essential Education is an A+ rated company, having met the rigorous requirements set by the Better Business Bureau.

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Our educators and support staff are ready to help you with any questions you have about the Essential Education Accelerated Learning Program and how it can fit into your adult education curriculum.

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