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Do you want a new job but don't know where to start? Are you having trouble landing the job? Our Work Essentials course will teach you the skills necessary to find, apply, and land a job! Gain in-depth knowledge on finding a good job for your skillset, learn how to craft a resume, ace an interview, and build the skills essential to keeping the job and getting promoted. This course is divided into three main categories: Job Seeking, Job Ready, and Job Keeping. Earn badges and certificates as you make your way through the course.

Included in this course:

Job Seeking

Do you know how to find jobs online? This course will teach you how to network, do job research, craft an impressive resume, and, most importantly, how to identify job scams. With our Job Seeking course, learn how to find job openings in today's job market, discover which jobs best fit your skills and where to find them, and craft a perfect resume to get your foot in the door.

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Job Ready

Do you have the skills employers are looking for? Having the right skills will help you improve your job opportunities, get the position you desire, and make more money. With our Job Ready course, you’ll build the skills employers seek and earn the credentials to prove it. Learn to take initiative, set and achieve goals, and take a customer-centric approach.

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Job Keeping

Are you working towards getting a promotion? Having the right skills will help you achieve your goals, find a better job, or get promoted in your current position. With our Job Keeping course, you’ll build the skills employers look for in a candidate, like problem-solving, building relationships, attention to detail, and more. Build the skills employers look for in a candidate and earn the credentials to prove it.

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Earn Badges and Certificates

Are you ready to show your future employer you have the credentials? Throughout Work Essentials, you’ll earn badges and certificates to show you’ve taken the training and can demonstrate the skills necessary for the job. Collect and share your badges on social media, emails, or even your resume to show off your credentials. Printable certificates make it easy to show potential employers you’ve built the necessary skills.

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