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Do you have the skills companies are looking for? Having the right skill set will help you improve your opportunities, land the job you want, and make more money. With our Job Ready course, you’ll improve key communication skills, learn to set and achieve goals, increase your reliability and professionalism, and more! As you progress through the course, you’ll earn badges and certificates to show employers you have the skills for the job.

Here's what you'll learn:

Good Communication

Good communication can be the difference between getting a job or not. This unit will teach you critical listening, speaking, and writing skills for the workplace. Earn your Communication Badge to demonstrate your skills to an employer.

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Setting & Achieving Goals

Being able to plan, set goals, and produce positive results in your life is the key to creating change. This course will help you set goals in all areas and motivate you to make them happen. Improve the quality of your work life with tangible goals.  Earn your Plan Smart Badge to impress your boss with your skills.

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Companies are looking for professional employees who can represent them well. This unit will teach you how to be respectful to others, take responsibility for your own tasks, and prove you're a dependable coworker. Earn your Professionalism Badge to demonstrate your skills to your employer.

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Taking the Initiative

Employees who take initiative to get the job done are more likely to be promoted. This unit will teach you how to take on new projects, prioritize your tasks, and impress your boss. Get motivated to make a change for the better. Earn your Taking Initiative Badge to demonstrate your motivational skills to an employer.

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Dependability & Reliability

Employers want workers they can depend on, workers who pay attention to details, track tasks, and keep promises. This unit will teach you how to make a good impression and meet expectations. Learn how to show up better for yourself and others. You will earn a badge to prove your skills!

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Customer Focus

Making sure customers are happy and returning for more is crucial to every business. This course will teach you how to think like a customer and anticipate problems before they occur. Learn how to provide exceptional customer service and make a good impression. Earn your Customer Focus Badge to impress your employer with your skills.

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Earn Badges and Certificates

Are you ready to show your future employer you have the credentials? Throughout the Work Essentials courses, you’ll earn badges and certificates to show you’ve taken the training and can demonstrate the skills necessary for the job. Collect and share your badges on social media, emails, or even networking groups to show off your credentials. Printable certificates make it easy to show potential employers you’ve built the necessary skills.

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