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Are you working towards getting a promotion? Having the right skills will help you achieve your goals, find a better job, or get promoted in your current position. With our Job Keeping course, you’ll build the skills employers look for, like problem-solving, building relationships, attention to detail, and more! As you progress through the course, you’ll earn badges and certificates to show employers you have the skills for the job.

Here's what you'll learn: 

Solving Problems at Work

The workplace can be full of unseen challenges. This unit will teach you how to identify problems in the workplace and propose solutions that not only solve the problem but help you impress your supervisor and coworkers. You will develop the skills companies look for and earn a badge to prove it.

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Building Work Relationships

Working with others can be difficult. This unit will teach you how to overcome conflicts in the workplace and present a positive customer service attitude. Learn how to create solutions when others make a mistake and how to improve work relationships. Earn your Working Well With Others Badge to demonstrate the skills to your employer.

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Planning and Organization

Employers promote people who are good planners, can prioritize their work and manage their tasks. This unit will teach you the skills to take initiative and impress your boss with your diligence. Earn your Planning and Organization Badge to demonstrate the skills to your employer.

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Tools and Technology

Companies want people who are skilled at operating tools, technology, and equipment in the workplace. This unit will teach you how to stay current with the latest tools and technologies, how to troubleshoot and do maintenance, and how to select the best tools to get the job done.

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Checking, Examining, and Recording

Most jobs require skills in detecting errors, completing forms, obtaining information, and maintaining logs and records. This unit focuses on the core skills you will need to meet the requirements for many jobs. At completion, you will earn your Checking, Examining, and Recording Badge to demonstrate your skills to your employer.

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Earn Badges and Certificates

Are you ready to show your future employer you have the credentials? Throughout the Work Essentials courses, you’ll earn badges and certificates to show you’ve taken the training and can demonstrate the skills necessary for the job. Collect and share your badges on social media, emails, or even networking groups to show off your credentials. Printable certificates make it easy to show potential employers you’ve built the necessary skills.

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