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What is the HiSET Exam?

The HiSET exam is the approved high school equivalency test in 25 states. It tests five core subjects and is given on computers or with paper and pencil at approved testing centers. The HiSET high school equivalency credential is equal to a GED credential and high school diploma.

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What do you need to get a good job? Included in your enrollment are 5 additional courses to give you the skills employers are demanding. You will become computer qualified, earn digital badges to show your new skills to impress the employer, and keep the job once you have it.

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HiSET Academy is 100% Approved

HiSET Academy is the only home study course 100% approved by the HiSET Exam. Our HiSET online classes and HiSET practice tests will make sure you pass the HiSET Exam the first time. Study on your mobile phone anytime you have a few extra minutes.

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Free HiSET Practice Tests

Knowing what to study is the first step with HiSET practice tests online. Start with a free HiSET practice test and get your personalized study plan. It's the only free practice test certified by the people who create the official exam. What are you waiting for?

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4.5 Million Students and Counting

HiSET Academy is one of the best-selling HiSET online programs. Our HSE Prep + Job Skills Program includes courses on employer job skills, computer skills, financial management skills, and an amazing career planning tool. We offer a total of nine courses to change your life.  

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How to Change Your Life

Free Coaching Included

When you enroll in HiSET Academy, you get 1:1 access to our Student Success Coaches. They will help you navigate the path to a new career and a brighter future. We also offer unlimited free coaching webinars for your HiSET test prep, job readiness, and life!

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