Six High-Powered Units

In these units, students will learn how to write a great resume and use networks to land the job of their dreams. Even better, they’ll learn how to think like an employer and say the right things in an interview.

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Finding a Job

Finding a Job

This unit will help you teach students how networking can help them find a good job. Students will learn the basics of filling out applications correctly and writing a good resume, and how to understand what employers are looking for.

Making a Good Impression

Making a Good Impression

Interviews can be stressful. How can a student know if they are saying the right thing and making a good first impression? This unit will help you teach students how enthusiasm and attitude can make all the difference in obtaining a job.

Working with Others

Working with Others

We all know working with others can be difficult, but this unit explains how to overcome conflicts in the workplace and present a positive customer service attitude. Students will observe how others make mistakes and then overcome them by saying the right thing at the right time.

Good Communication

Good Communication

Good communication can be the difference between getting a promotion or not. Educators will learn how to help students acquire critical listening and writing skills for the workplace, and learn how to appropriately express negative feelings.

Solving Problems at Work

Solving Problems at Work

While the workplace can be full of unseen challenges, this unit helps you to teach students how to identify problems in the workplace and propose solutions that not only solve the problem but will impress supervisors and coworkers as well.



Employers reward employees who can lead with professionalism and a positive work ethic, so this unit demonstrate how to present yourself professionally. Students will learn how to impress employers with a professional attitude and appearance.

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