Computer Essentials begins by teaching students the basic skills they need to navigate a computer and the internet, such as keyboarding, opening and closing windows, scrolling, and navigating menus. It then moves on to more advanced skills such as communication, word processing, digital citizenship, and job finding. Students earn digital badges from Credly as they pass their unit quizzes to award their achievements. This course fully aligns with IC3 GS6 level 1 targets, ending with a final assessment. Upon completion, students receive a Certificate of Achievement to show employers they have mastered the core skills they need to be confident computer-based test-takers and, more importantly, successful employees.

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Work Essentials is a course designed to give students the employability skills they need to enter and succeed in today's workforce. From writing a good resume to making a good impression during an interview, students are taught critical skills needed to excel in their careers, such as problem-solving, professionalism, and good communication. As they move through the course, they'll earn digital badges and certifications to reward their progress and showcase their achievements to potential employers. This instruction is perfect for the high school equivalency candidate and adults who have their high school diploma but have not been successful at getting the job they want. It is also a great opportunity for students who are looking to expand their job skills to find a new job or receive a promotion.

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Money Essentials is a course designed to help students take back control of their financial situation. Through real-life scenarios, students will learn the money management skills necessary to make smart financial decisions. From creating a budget and setting financial goals, to obtaining credit and applying for loans, this course will give students the tools necessary for a financially stable future. This course ends with a final assessment. Upon passing this final assessment, students receive a Certificate of Achievement to show employers they have mastered these skills.

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Dream Catcher is a powerful career planning course that helps students find their dream job. This course walks adult students through identifying their ultimate goals and finding their true purpose in life. Without connecting a student’s education path to their emotions and dreams, their education quickly loses its relevance and meaning. A series of powerful videos with real-life stories help the student find deep motivation for success.

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