Aligned to Accuplacer

Built-In Locator Tests

Built-In Locator Tests

College Essentials starts by assessing each student’s skills, and then creates a personalized learning plan to move through three levels of competency: College Basics, College Intermediate, and College Advanced.

Accuplacer Reading Prep

Accuplacer Reading Prep

The Accuplacer reading exam assesses the student’s ability to apply information, understand the relationships between ideas, and make inferences from what they are reading. College Essentials begins with core comprehension skills and then moves the student to more advanced reading concepts, such as how to make inferences, synthesize concepts in multiple readings, and evaluate supporting details. By the time students have completed the final level of our reading course, they will be ready for college level work in reading.

Accuplacer Writing Prep

Accuplacer Writing Prep

The College Essentials writing course teaches both language and writing skills. It starts by teaching language mechanics and then more complex writing skills, such as how to plan and organize written work. During the College Essentials writing course, the student will have three opportunities to write an essay which is graded by our professional graders. The feedback from these essays will be invaluable for your student’s preparation for Writeplacer.

Accuplacer Math Prep

Accuplacer Math Prep

Accuplacer includes several math tests. College Essentials addresses all of these tests. It starts by building a strong foundation of core math skills and then moves the student through ratio and proportion, geometry, algebra and functions. Students completing level three in College Essentials will be able to move directly into college and career pathway programs without taking developmental math courses.

Keep Students Motivated

Keep Students Motivated

One of the challenges adult ed instructors face is keeping their students motivated and engaged in the learning process. To meet this challenge, College Essentials uses high engagement situational learning activities to maximize learning and engagement. Instruction is placed in the context of situations that are meaningful to adult learners. Students stay highly engaged because the lessons are fun, interesting, and highly practical. Students can study on their own with mobile devices or in class on a computer.

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